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Frater M 1232 20 May 1998
Note: Minor Arcana no longer exists and the material presented here, with the few exceptions, are the unedited pages of the old original chaos magic pages of the groups website, as written by Frater M 1232. (aka Anton Channing, or me in other words) during the late 1990s. I was very young when I wrote this, and share it for historical interest, not as a demonstration of my current ideas. Where the temptation to edit gets too much, I will add commentary and leave the original intact, save for typo corrections.

Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted

Welcome to the Liber Minor Well Wyrd Website, the Chaos Magick side of the Minor Arcana group for teenage pagans and magicians.

On this page is a brief history of Chaos Magick and some links to the more juicy pages contained on this site, including digital versions of the Liber Minor coloumn (from the Pagan Teenage Voice, Minor Arcana’s quarterly magazine), Sigils and Servitors, Chaos Gods, and a reading list page including useful printed matter to read on this subject, such as books and magazines as well as links to other interesting and Chaotic sites to be found elsewhere on the Well Wyrd Web.


In the beginning there was Nothing. Nothing grew restless and he fertilized herself. She soon gave birth to Something, which he named Chaos. It was still the beginning because Time hadn’t been born yet.

In the beginning there was Chaos, where Earth and Water and Air and Fire were all mixed up together. Chaos grew restless and decided to play a great cosmic joke upon itself and divide itself up. Chaos first named the jumbled substance, which was Itself, Ether (Aether, Life, The Force, Matter) and decided to break it up and form it into its constituent parts of Earth (Mass), Water (Time), Air (Space) and Fire (Energy).

With these things Chaos played until it learned much, including mathematics. Chaos then discovered that if it applied a simple mathematical formula to it’s four children, they would arrange themselves into the most amazingly and infinitely detailed patterns. It named these patterns Fractals. It was whilst watching one of the fractals develop Chaos noticed mankind. Chaos was fascinated with these strange little versions of itself and tried to talk with them in order to try and guide them towards something great.

Unfortunately this advice did not always work out in the long run and mankind became very destructive. Chaos realised that this was due to the distortion caused by his daughter, Water (Time), who was having a right laugh at her father’s work. Chaos, having a sense of humour also found it funny and laughed with her. Because Water was very beautiful he called her influence of the Fractal the Butterfly Effect.

There were always a small few among the humans who understood the great cosmic joke, and with these Chaos was pleased and he rewarded them by making their life fun. However those who did not understand grew jealous of this fun and tried to put a stop to it. Thus those who understood became more and more secret about it.

In a part of the fractal that humans call the 20th Century, a group emerged that continued this tradition of understanding the great cosmic joke, and they named themselves Chaos Magicians, and they were given the gifts of humour, fun, magick and lives they could enjoy. They were Magicians, Musicians, Artists, Poets, Clowns, Scientists, Mathematicians, Writers, Children, Fathers, Mothers, Grandparents. Among them was Austin Osman Spare, who Chaos noted invented a strange and humorous device for appealing for his favour which he called Sigils. Then there was Pete Carroll who wrote some very amusing books which made Chaos laugh almost as much as when she found out about the butterfly effect.

In a part of the fractal called by the humans 2012AD Nothing grew hungry. Seeing that there was nothing available to eat except her offspring, she ate Chaos. Because Chaos was still pregnant with her four children this meant that everything was swallowed up into Nothing. This was the End. Be afraid of Nothing. There is Nothing to be afraid of. Nothing is True, and Everything is only permitted until lunchtime.



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