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Servitors, what they are and how to use them

Frater M 1232 20 May 1998
Note: At the time I wrote this I was clearly in full embrace of the 'all entities created by human belief' paradigm. I also clearly wanted to put things in nice little boxes but was beginning to grasp that things weren't that simple...

Servitors, spirits, demons, angels, elementals, gods, goddesses, imps, pixies, faeries, goblins, call them what you will but magicians have often found it useful to get certain entities to perform magick for them on their behalf. Sometimes these beings have a physical basis in the form of an amulet, charm or idol, sometimes they exist purely in the Aether.

On this page you can learn a little about the differences between these entities and how to use them. There is also a brief discussion on the use of Sigils and Mantras in calling servitors up.

Servitors in general

Servitors are called into being by the magickal investment of belief. This can be done by a solo magician working alone, a group of magicians, a whole tribe, or in the case of deities by a whole society. Each individual invests a side of themselves into the servitor, which takes on the character of the qualities invested into it. Thus it is easier to control a servitor that only yourself has invested in, but at the same time deities can be extremely powerful because of the mass belief they are supported by. You need to work out the exact balance necessary for the task at hand.

Familiars and Guardian Angels

Familiars are servitors that work for just one magician. Most magicians will have many familiars, although they may not call all of them by that word. Wands, ritual swords/knives, cups, pentacles, lamps, runes and tarot cards are examples of specialist familiars that are never really refered to as familiars. Familiars may not have a material basis. In some cases the material basis will be a living creature such as a cat, a spider or a hedgehog.

Guardian angels are a special type of familiar, usually having no material basis, and generally concerned with the magicians spiritual and emotional well-being.

Charms, Amulets and Talismans

These can be created by one or more magicians and refer to special servitors that have a material basis. Usually these are for protection or to help invoke a particular quality. They can be designed to be worn on the person, or carried or they can be fixed to a part of a building. In some cases they may actually be built into the design of a building. They are also commonly found on ships and boats.

It is possible that this type of servitor might also be a familiar, or also a demon/spirit, or an elemental, or even an idol. Some medals/charms contain the symbol of a god or saint. Distinctions between types of servitor are often blurred.

Christians often wear charms with Jesus on a cross, the Virgin Mary, the Holy Spirit or St Christopher. Pagans often wear ankhs, pentagrams, runes, Celtic knots or Thor’s hammers. Chaos magicians are often seen wearing chaos sigil rings.

Demons and Spirits

These are generally called up for a short time, enough to perform a specific task, and are then banished. This is not always the case, but it is a general rule. Mostly they do not have a material basis. An exception is when they are used in talismans or protective wards on a house. They can be called in solo, or in a group context with equal efficiency.

Sometimes a Demon may actually be a God. This is a different type of demon, and perhaps they should be refered to as Demon-Princes. The difference between a Demon and a Demon-Prince is like the difference between a Guardian Angel and an Arch Angel. Arch Angels and Demon Princes are more like Gods, in that they are usually well known and have their names publicised in books, as well as having relatively clearly defined specialities/spheres of influence.


These are a special type of Spirit/Demon having a special association with one of the four elements. Earth elementals can be, among other thing, gnomes, dwarves, moles, rocks, stones or trolls. Water elementals can be undines, mermaids, fish, serpents, frogs, rivers, lakes, oceans, water nymphs or whirlpools. Air elementals can by sylphs, fairies, owls, eagles, the wind, smoke, incense or tornadoes. Fire elementals can be salamanders, bonfires, lanterns, candles, torches, fireworks. They can be used both in group or solo work.

The magicians magickal tools are also a special type of elemental. Wands are fire elementals, Swords/knives are air elementals, Cups are water elementals and Pentacles are earth elementals. These magical tools can be thought of as a sort of cross breed elemental-familiar-talisman type of servitor.


Idols are a type of servitor that has a physical basis. They are often worshipped, making them easily mistaken for gods. Sometimes they actually are gods in a physical basis, but at other times they may actually only be known by a very small number of people, or even only one person. Read Shredni Vashtar by Saki for a good example of using an animal as an Idol. Not only that but it is a damn good short story.

Gods, Goddesses, Arch-Angels, Heroes and Saints

These are a type of servitor in that they sustain their existence from the belief of a large group of people. They can be very powerful because of this, but at the same time they tend to have a will of their own, and can generally only be used for specific purposes that are within their character scope. There are so many to choose from though, that you should be able to find one that suits your purposes if you choose carefully enough. Just don’t ask Mars to help you find a new lover and you should be okay.

Gods can be invoked into a human being in order that they may speak directly to the group, or in solo ritual so that they might endow you with their properties. The author is currently working in an ongoing Artemis invocation that started in 1990-91 sometime.

For more on deities, see the page on Chaos Gods.

Servitors and Sigils

Sigils can be of particular value when working with servitors. It can be useful to give a permanent servitor a mantra-name and a sigil-symbol which can be re-used in calling it up, even marked on its material basis. When making a sigil for a servitor, you can combine words of the qualities you want the servitor to have with astrological, planatery and other occult symbols which represent qualities to be included in the servitor and combine them into one sigil. The name can be formed by making a mantra from the letters, which can be repeatedly chanted while focussing on the sigil when the servitor is to be summoned.

2 thoughts on “Servitors, what they are and how to use them

  1. I’m not really sure if I should say this, it’s not addressed to anyone in particular, but as I happily find this KIA environment to be very diverse and understanding of many different thoughts/opinions/methods etc, and also as I’m generally not a person that would attempt to force my own opinions on anyone else, I would like to ask if anybody else has the same problem with the word ‘servitor.’
    As far as I can tell, I suppose it’s mainly because I don’t really relish the idea of getting another entity to do things for me, it seems kinda unfair somehow. Is there actually something that the magician will give to them in return for these magikal performances?
    I have wondered about this rather petty aversion of mine since a fair while ago, because then, while I was speculating how my own entity may have pretty suddenly found much more substance than he did for the rest of my life, why he is here, and what sort of entity he could possibly be, at the time, a friend seemed pretty confident that he is a servitor that I called up myself. it’s true that I was working through some interesting and compelling mental experiments at the time, but I know for a fact that I wouldn’t actually want to conjure a servitor, and anyways…I don’t even know how.
    I did ask him for help sometimes, and he helped. he didn’t ask me for anything in return, it’s often been subtle and sometimes not, but to me it felt like there was more a link than anything else, because experiences have appeared to flow together at times.
    More recently though, it feels to me as if the entity has all but disappeared, the first possible explanation I thought of was, that it happened because I totally mislaid my inspiration/enthusiasm/magik, so maybe if I manage to locate my lost ‘cogs,’ I can bring myself closer, or perhaps… even though I flatly refused to believe it at the time, my friend was right all along, he also said that servitors will only last until they have served their purpose, even though I have no idea what, (in my case) that could possibly have been.

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  2. Trace, what you say has validity. This is quite an old article, and I have provided a more recent account of my thoughts on the subject in a more recent blog post, in which I say…

    “One way to view these types of relationships involves command and control. But the fractal consciousness model allows a more healthy way of viewing them. Instead of commanding the servitors to do things, you give that part of you permission to manifest, or behave the way you need. The spirit already wants to do the task, it just needs the rest of you to get out of the way.”

    You can read my full thoughts here:

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